Web 2.0 Live Cam Whoring and You

Asa Dotzler has gotten into this via Justin.tv. You can watch our beloved Asa picking his nose while working on his latest blog post through his site on Justin.tv. Asa mentioned this briefly on his blog on October 5 but he’s been really getting into it at work lately with three different webcams in his office pointing in different directions.

Seriously, there seems to be a lot of interest in being able to stream live webcam video lately even though it has been around as a basic technology forever.

Along with existing Justin.tv, I came across Operator11 this evening for the first time. This is a site that hosts live webcam feeds, allowing you to schedule time, do chat, etc.  I noticed it initially because I went to visit  the Treeleaf Zendo blog. This is a Soto Zen teacher’s blog that was announced on the Dogen Sangha blog this evening.

I know that Jiun Sensei at Daiun-Ji has been looking at the possibility of doing various Buddhist teachings online. Treeleaf Zendo is the first regular attempt that I’ve seen at this. I’m not sure how good (or bad) the content of it is there, having barely watched one bit, but it is interesting to see people attempting to do something worthwhile with this kind of technology at a grassroots level.