Mac OS X Camera?

I have a Mac Pro (aka the “Cheese Grater”) at home. My laptop is a Macbook and has a built-in camera for chat, etc. but the Mac Pro does not. This has caused me no end of annoyances at times.

Apple used to make the standalone iSight cameras but they have discontinued it. This is what we use at Mozilla when we want to do webcasting or use iChat in our meeting rooms (which each have one). In my opinion, the resolution on them is a little low at 640x480 anyway.

I have a Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 with a 1.3 megapixel video resolution but, of course, there are no drivers for OS X for it. (And, yes, I know of the third party projects to make drivers for other web cameras but they still don’t support the VX-6000).

I’m looking for two suggestions:

  1. A webcam that does at least 640x480 that works easily in OS X and is less than $100.
  2. A good webcam with a 1+ megapixel video resolution that works in OS X.

We do a certain amount of chat at Mozilla and I work from home a bit of the time. I’d also like to do the occasional talking head thing here on my blog.

Then I can all over the intarweb like Asa or Chris Messina.

Update from 11/1: I wound up getting a Live! Cam  Optia AF from Creative Labs. This is a two megapixel webcam that works out of the box on OS X and comes with Windows drivers/software (which is useful since I use Bootcamp to boot into Vista as well).