Final Thesis Turned In!

Ronove the Goetic SpiritI know that very many people are sitting on the edges of their seat in regards to my thesis but it seemed worthwhile to share. Last Thursday, I received the marked up copy of my thesis from  my program. This is the thesis as reviewed by the office of Graduate Studies.

What the office of Graduate Studies does is go through your entire thesis and examine it to see if it conforms to formatting and editing guidelines. This is things like the size of your margins, the format of your table of contents. In other words, mind numbing stuff. They also happen to read it and occasionally mark other things, like typos.

My marked up thesis from that office showed me that I had my indenting wrong on my Works Cited section and the roman numerals were off a quarter inch on my introductory pages. Other than that, the reader asked for a minor amendment to my abstract, suggested commas in a few places (ok…) and found a couple of typos that three professors missed.

I worked on this Thursday evening late, printed it out on the nice, 25% cotton rag, paper required for the final copy of the thesis and mailed it back to the program on Friday. Assuming that I didn’t miss an error, I’m done. Period. The next time I hear from my program should be to tell me that the thesis has been accepted for graduation and to tell me that I’ve graduated. That should be before the end of the year. I expect to receive my diploma one to six months later depending on the motion of the stars and the return of great Cthulhu.

Now I should determine if I really do want to go get a PhD at some point. I should also consider if I want to write a paper or two for any of the upcoming conferences dealing with Western Esotericism or esoteric thought. At this point, I think I’d like to work on a book on some other topic but we shall see.

For those interested in reading my final thesis, please contact me either through comments or my e-mail (for those that have it) and I’ll probably be happy to pass a copy of it on to you. If I don’t know you at all, it might be good to give me some sort of introduction as I generally keep copies of the thesis within the groups of people who either work in this area or have a personal interest in esotericism in the West.