Oooh, Shiny Kitty!

My copy of Mac OS X 10.5 aka Leopard (“meow!”) showed up this morning at 9:50 AM. The joys of pre-ordering and getting it many hours before everyone else.

I’ve got it running on the Mac Mini connected to the HDTV (which seems a bit slow…) and on my own Mac Pro, where it is very fast. (I suspect the dual dual-core processors and the 5 gigs of RAM in the latter help.)

I haven’t seen many issues so far. A few minor incompatibilities but nothing major yet. Only one tool, Soundsource, doesn’t work at all and I only use that to switch audio between my headphones and speakers.

We’re see how the current Firefox 3 builds hold up with the final release of Leopard and also the Firefox RC1 that we’re currently testing. We did a bit of testing with the developer builds but none of us have had access to the final release until now (thanks for helping your developers, Apple!).

Update: I take back the part about no problems. My copy of the Gizmo Project fails to talk to any servers. This is the voice over IP client that I use for Mozilla conference calls and general voice chat on the Internet. I now begin the quest to find a VOIP client that will talk to an Asterix server and also work on Leopard.