SIP-based VOIP Problems in Leopard

I mentioned yesterday that I was having problems with SIP-based VOIP yesterday with my Leopard installation. It turns out that the problem that I’m having with the Gizmo Project seem to be a problem specific to the SIP protocol. Other SIP applications, such as SightSpeed and Eyebeam, do not work but, as I noticed last night, Skype works fine.

This is detailed in a blog post by Andy Abramson, who commented on my post from yesterday.

The Gizmo Project has a beta build available with a fix and other applications have fixes in development or testing. This build fixes my issue and I was able to log into my servers again.

This seems, at least partially, to be an outgrowth of Apple’s unwillingness to release the golden bits of Leopard to developers before yesterday. This, in turn, was because when Tiger developer bits went out, they were on the bittorrent networks within an hour (I hear). So, while I’m pretty critical of Apple making it difficult for any of us to test our code on final Leopard, I have a certain sympathy for the seeming reasons.

So far, I haven’t had any other issues with Leopard. All in all, that’s pretty good for a major OS release.