IE Delays and Lack of Communication Making Press

Todd Bishop at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a Monday column there called, “Software Notebook,” in the Business section of the paper. He is also one of the people in the local Seattle press that has a blog on Microsoft issues and regularly covers Microsoft.

In this week’s column, he focuses Internet Explorer and the lack of information about IE8, the general lack of communication concerning IE, its schedule, and plans, and the frustrations outside of Microsoft about this:

After taking five years to come out with the current Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft offered a mea culpa and said it was aiming for a new release every 12 to 18 months. But so far there has been little information about Internet Explorer 8, and no public schedule for releasing preliminary and final versions. It now appears that a gap of two years or more between IE releases might be more realistic, say analysts and others in a position to assess the situation. That kind of time frame wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for Internet Explorer users, one analyst says. But a couple of former members of the Internet Explorer team say they wish the company was being more clear about what the next Internet Explorer will entail.

After exchanging a bit of e-mail, Todd and I spoke on the phone last week. I am quoted for the piece, along with IE alumnus, Dave Massy.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft has a response to this and, perhaps, if it prompts the IE team to be a slight bit more public (like saying anything at all really).

Update: There is more on this topic on Todd Bishop’s blog today as well.