Mini-retreat is over

The mini-retreat, aka Shambhala Level II Training, is over. We managed to survive it even through the illness we were both carrying. I did have a bit less fun after lunch when I forgot to take my medication and got a blazing headache but it worked out well later on.

I must say that I actually enjoyed the presentation of the training quite a bit and it was a good experience. I don’t know yet if we will do the Level III when it is offered in January, again as a weekend or maybe two weekends, but I think the time was well spent this weekend. We had a good amount of sitting in a supportive group setting, got to meet new people, share food with them, and so on.

I have tomorrow off from work because of the federal holiday. I am very glad for this as I really want a day to relax and hopefully get over being sick.

In any case, that’s about it. A short post for now…