Mac OS X 10.5.1 Breaks VOIP Again?

I’ve written previously that when Mac OS X 10.5 (aka “Leopard”) came out, it broke all of the SIP-based voice over ip applications. This was something that hadn’t been broken in the developer builds but only in the final release, thus giving people making VOIP software a pleasant surprise for “Leopard Day.”

People seem to have largely worked around the issue and released updated clients for Leopard. The Gizmo Project, which I normally use for VOIP with Mozilla, released a beta almost immediately and got a full release not long after.

Yesterday, the first update to Leopard came out, making it 10.5.1. I installed this and immediately noticed that VOIP no longer worked for software using SIP. Since I was playing around with Xmeeting as an alternative to the Gizmo Project, I figured it was just Xmeeting. That turned out not to be the case. When I fired up my work laptop, which still runs OS X 10.4, everything worked fine. As always, Skype seems to work fine but I actually don’t generally use it.

So it seems that Apple has once again managed to break the applications that use SIP with an OS update. I haven’t seen any other reports of this but I really don’t think my machine is particularly unique. We’ll see what happens.