Peter Lamborn Wilson Interview

Over on Youtube, there is now a copy of the first ten minutes of an interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka “Hakim Bey”). Much of the interview is concerned with his articulation (not creation, as he pointed out) of the idea of the Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) in his writings back in the 1980s.

I’ve maintained a site for Bey’s writings since around 1996 and was the original distributor of TAZ electronically through Usenet back around 1992 or 1993 so my interest in Wilson’s work, at least as Hakim Bey, is longstanding. Wilson hasn’t published much in the current century and seems to have mostly dropped away. Almost all of his work was published in that period and the video actually seems to date from around 2000. While he is a controversial figure at times, his work, especially on “Immediatism,” was inspirational to me during my undergraduate years in college and beyond to this day.

This is one of the first interviews of any real quality with Wilson that I’ve seen so it seems worth sharing. I do wish that the entirety of the interview was available online as the ten minutes of it is tantalizing but brief. seems to be digitizing large archives of interviews with various fringe cultural figures and making brief portions of them available on Youtube as a teaser. Perhaps people will be inclined to order the full length videos from Mindlift of the interviews with Wilson, Leary, the Shulgins, and many others.