Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out!

I know that by the time you see this, you’ve probably already heard but the first beta of Firefox 3 is now available. QA just finished signing off and bits have been distributed out to handle downloads. A huge sigh of relief is out and a new milestone has been passed.

You can get the beta through the article above on DevNews. The release notes for the beta are also available for those so inclined to read them.

This is pretty exciting. People have been putting a lot of work into Firefox 3 for quite a while now. I know that on the QA team, we’ve been running ourselves ragged on getting issues nailed down, features tested, and generally making sure that it will be a solid beta experience for people.

It’s been a long day for QA today between getting this out the door and putting an update in the beta channel for Firefox release candidate testing as well. (This after doing a Thunderbird update just this last week.) Busy times for everyone.

I encourage you to check out the Firefox 3 beta* and to submit issues found to Bugzilla to make the subsequent beta that much better.

* Note: I must include the warning that this is a beta and it can do weird or unexpected things. We encourage people to not replace their normal Firefox browser for day to day use. This is for testing purposes only, folks!