The Rock!


R and I finally did the tourist thing and went out to visit Alcatraz Island and the old prison yesterday. We took a dusk boat from near Fisherman’s Wharf and went on the official tour out to the island. It was about as I expected it to be though the island is actually quite a bit smaller than one would expect from tv and film footage. It’s just a hunk of rock sticking out into the Bay (with great views).

The buildings were not in great shape but we got to tour around the main cell blocks and got to see how really tiny the cells were (like 5’ x 7’ x 9’). 


I did determine that when the zombie legions take over, I and my posse are retreating to the Rock as a defensible location from which to sally forth for supplies in the doomed cities.

I put a photo set up on Flickr if anyone wants to see.