December 31 Graduation for Me!

I just received word from my department for my Master’s program that my thesis has been final approved. As I had mentioned previously, I turned it in a couple of months ago and my committee had signed off on it. Following this, it was sent back by the Graduate Studies Office (as they all are) for minor corrections in formatting, structure, and minor additions requested to make the thesis conform to the style guidelines and requirements of the university.

The note today is that my corrections have been approved and the thesis has been approved by the Graduate Studies Office. I have to complete paperwork for UMI and the school library for the depositing of my thesis with all of the others, both locally and in the national database. This includes filing the copyright notice, etc.

I am informed that my official, recorded, date of graduation will be December 31, 2007 and that, as long as my paperwork is signed and shows up (along with the fees for the filing), I am done done done.

I started my program in January, 2005. I was done with classwork in Fall, 2006 (including the thesis preparation work with my mentor). I diddle daddled on my thesis during the first seven months this year and received approval, as well as doing final corrections, in Ocotber. I did all of this while working full-time at Microsoft, moving to California, and changing jobs twice (not to mention starting it a couple of months after getting married).

It is good to be done. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to try for a PhD or not. Given the lead time, all decisions on that are made at least a year in advance. There is also the point that I could not really continue to work full-time while spending six or more years in a doctoral program. That makes it a difficult choice, because of finances as well as motivation (there isn’t a lot of work for specialists in religion).

But this stage is over.