Firefox 3 Beta 2 is released!

firefox3-beta2After a lot of work by everyone in the Mozilla Community, the second beta of Firefox 3 went live just a short while ago (with a robot!).

Notable improvements are all over the place but especially in the Awesome Bar and Places (the updated Bookmark and History system), where the organizer has been improved along with the “smart” folders that query the database backend. You can take a look at the API documentation for Places if you want more information. You can also see the overall UI plan for it, if you’re so inclined. I think Places is one of the great things in this release but then I do some of the QA for it so I am biased.

The Firefox 3 pages for developers are up at the Mozilla Developer Center now as well if you are interested.

Mozilla Links has been posting on Firefox 3 on a regular basis and I expect that there will be more posted there for this Beta 2 release.

You can download Beta 2 on the beta download page.