Internet Explorer 8 to Pass the Acid2 Test?

Acid2_referenceOver on Channel 9, an interview with Dean Hachamovitch and Chris Wilson just went up. The IE team apparently passed an internal milestone this last Friday in their work on IE8. Apparently, one of the outgrowths of the work is that IE8 will pass the Acid2 Browser Test for the first time.

Charles, who did the interview, states:

In this interview, I sit down with IE GM Dean Hachamovitch and Architect Chris Wilson to discuss this milestone and dig into compliance in general, lessons learned from IE 7 and discuss the IE team's ultimate goal of de facto interoperability. Of course, no Channel 9 interview is complete without meeting some of the devs who write technology so we take a walk from Dean's office to super developer Alex Mogilevsky's office to discuss what's been done to provide IE with the core rendering features that enable IE 8 to pass the ACID 2 test. We also chat with CSS guru Markus Mielke who was instrumental in identifying and planning the feature set required to pass ACID 2.

The interview is worth listening to for those of us who have wondering what the hell the IE team has been doing this past year as Mozilla works towards the Firefox 3 release. Given the recent discussions of the CSS working group and CSS in general, this seems to be somewhat relevant to the state of browsing (at least on Windows).

I’ve enclosed links to the mp3 of the interview below for playback within this blog entry or you can go to the interview page as well (where there is also the video). Comments can also be left on the interview page (if you have a Channel 9 account).

Warning: the video file is 584 MB in size so you might be better off with the 15 MB mp3 file.

I’m sure that I’ll have more thoughts on the interview later but I wanted to get this out early in the day so those interested in hearing or watching it could take a look immediately.

Update: Now announced on the IEBlog as well (with a mention of “IE8 standards mode” being necessary, which means they have either added a third mode or updated their existing standards mode, as opposed to “Quirks” mode, rendering for IE8 to be more compliant with standards. Go figure.)