Seattle for the New Year

R and I took a quick trip to Seattle over this last weekend. Our friends, Autumn and Doug, were getting married and R was in the wedding party. We know the two of them, largely, from the OTO and it was a chance to see a bunch of people that we haven’t seen since we moved to Oakland in mid-2006.

Capn PepeAs you can see from the picture at the right, some of our friends are a little disturbing. That’s good ol’ Cap’n Pepe Nicklefinger, who we camped with at Burning Man 2001. We haven’t seen him since and the last time that I had heard, he was living in a Buddhist monastery in the Southwest after doing a couple of stints actually working for the Department of Public Works for Black Rock City.

We had time while we were there to visit with a number of other friends, as well as seeing my family (including my daughter). We rang in the new year with our friends, Denny and Sophia, while staying in their yurt.

The wedding was held in my old masonic lodge’s hall. This allowed me to see the tracing boards that we had commissioned before I moved away from Seattle. They were done by a local mason who had done murals in another area lodge. I had seen the original proposals but not the final pieces. It was nice to get a chance to see the work up on the walls. I took a few photos but they were a bit high up so the angle isn’t the best:

Third Degree Tracing Board

Needless to say, probably not the most engrossing of reports but it was nice to go home for a few days and see people.