Thesis Masochism or "My Thesis is available..."

It is with only a minor feeling of dread that I make this announcement: For the few that have an interest in my Master’s thesis, I’ve made a book form of it available on

Thesis Book Cover

It is relatively short because of the guidelines for my program and I could have gone on at much greater length (ask me sometime about the twenty page fifth chapter that I removed or the whole section on talismans that was excised). For my occultist or cabalistic friends, many of the details will be old hat. Overall, chapters are kept to a fairly concise level without going off in all possible directions.

With these caveats in mind, it is available. I’ve made the PDF file of it freely available to anyone. There is a print version of it as well. The cost for that is the base price. I’m not getting a single penny in return for any purchased copies. The print version is largely so that a few people, like my mother, can get decently bound copies of the thesis. For most othes, the PDF file will suffice.

I did purchase a copy of my own thesis (it is, indeed, a sad world) so I could make sure that the page flow, formatting, etc. was correct in book form. On the basis of that, I made a few changes (adding some blank pages in a couple of places and reformatting my table of contents) and also created a much prettier cover.