This isn’t the exciting “Let’s laugh at IE” blogging week. Sorry. I’m in a more mundane mood and after working a full day followed by a three hour foreign language class, my deep energy for anything (let alone a long blog rant) is, shall we say, blunted.

I’ve finished my second Japanese class (of 15 in this term). I do a three hour class every Thursday night, timed just right to allow me to go directly from work without any real dinner.

I’m actually enjoying the class so far though I find the structure to be a little frustrating. It’s hard to pack that much into three hours and I don’t think that the instructor is the most organized. She’s competent and a native speaker but I’m more into formal language structure where we go over grammar, etc. than just loosey goosey “let’s talk!” modes of teaching.

My primary goals for learning Japanese are not around speech, though that is a nice secondary goal. I really want to learn to read so I can use it in future academic work, perhaps, and my current Buddhist work, which is derived from Japan after all. There aren’t many people that I know, only two in fact, in my immediate Buddhist world that can read Japanese.

Obviously, the goal of reading in a language like Japanese (with only three writing systems of which one is foreign in root!) is a big goal. We’ll see how it goes.

One of R’s friends (whom I would like to be a friend but is only really an acquaintance now) has a Japanese degree and has lived in Japan for a bit. I’m thinking of talking to him about paying him to tutor me an hour a week. Realistically, I might get a lot more out of that than I do the class but the combination might work as well.

I guess we can file this entry under “Well, you’ve got your Master’s degree now. What are you going to do with all of that free time?”

Oh, and then I can watch more shows like this as well: