Buddhism and Global Warming

<img src=”http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2251/2256893902_425fd95b05_o.jpg” width=”228” height=”171” align=”right” hspace=5” vspace=”5” border=”1” alt=”Ecological Buddhism” /> A new site went live recently at Ecological Buddhism: A Buddhist Response to Global Warming. The site and parent organization are an attempt to address the problems of Global Warming and, with this, sustainability, from a Buddhist perspective. The site is predominantly (well, entirely, right now) from the viewpoint of Tibetan Buddhism but I think its ideas are applicable more widely than that particular tradition.

Among the many documents on the site, I found this aspirational prayer from Thrangu Rinpoche, a great teacher whose work I greatly value:

An Aspiration Concerning Global Warming

May the blessings of the exalted sources of refuge, The Buddha, his teachings and community: the Three Precious Jewels, And the spiritual teacher, meditational deities and protectors of the Buddhist teachings: the Three Roots, Fully pacify the terrors of illness, famine and war, Along with chaotic disturbances of the four elements— The imminent and terrifying danger that the whole world will become a great wasteland, As temperature imbalance causes the solid glaciers of snow mountain massifs to melt and contract, Afflicting rivers and lakes, so that primeval forests and beautiful trees near their deaths! May the sublime endowments of good fortune and spiritual and temporal well-being flourish, And may all beings nurture one another lovingly and kindly, So that their joy may fully blossom! May all their aims be fulfilled, in accordance with the sacred teachings!

He also has a teaching, in the form of a question and answer page, of "Answers to questions from the Sangha about global warming".

I highly recommend that people check the site out and really think about what it says. I also to see other spiritual practitioners, especially Buddhists, endorse these sorts of views (even if not these specific ones).