Hypnodrome Show

This evening, R and I went to San Francisco to see the new show by the Thrillpeddlers at the Hypnodrome. (I’d give the url to their site but it is giving blank pages at the moment…).

R had bought tickets for us because we had a wonderful time there a few months ago and Jill Tracy was in tonight’s performance again. We got to hear a few songs by her and see some short bits, including a zombie apocalypse story that involved cast from a local middle school:


Along with this, we got to hear Jello Biafra speak, mostly on the topic of pranks and pranking. He related some amusing tales from his days in the Dead Kennedys and by others related to pranks. I especially appreciated the back fired prank of a friend of his who set up a Jonbonet Ramsey shrine that wound up getting him listed by the FBI (as well as pranking local news). Poor taste but a great prank. The best of those was the time that the Dead Kennedys got to play a high school dance locally after a group of students gamed the system and got them through the “Whittler’s Club” for their annual dance in the school.


All in all, a fun mix of macabre plays, singing, and talking heads.

As an aside, I don’t think I’m going to drive down to San Jose in seven hours (which would be necessary to get to Pantheacon in time before registration closes). I think I’ll be staying home and studying for my Esoteric Buddhism class. Sexy, it is not, but probably a more fruitful day.