Woohoo! Mozilla's "MailCo" is now "Mozilla Messaging"!

ThunderbirdIt was announced a number of months back that the Mozilla Corporation would be spinning off Thunderbird development into a new company. This company was code-named “MailCo” at the time. You can read posts about this by Mitchell Baker on her blog here, here, and here for background on why MailCo was formed and its importance.

The company now has an official name and site. It is “Mozilla Messaging” and the site is up at www.mozillamessaging.com now. The mission of Mozilla Messaging is stated on the site as:

We subscribe to the Mozilla Manifesto. Furthermore, we believe that email is the killer app of the Internet, a vital tool in modern society, and one which has not evolved as much or as fast as it should have. We're driven to improve the experience of people communicating with each other on the Internet. Our first tool in this endeavor is the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, which is already in use by millions of people worldwide. Using a collaborative, participatory process, we will work to make Thunderbird the most useful, enjoyable communications tool possible. It's a huge challenge, but we believe that by finding like-minded people who want to help, we can have a real impact, and have a lot of fun doing it. In order to provide as many opportunities for participation as possible, we strive to be open and transparent in our operations.

Davis Ascher, who is the CEO of Mozilla Messaging, has a new post up on his blog about it as well. He goes into the current plan a bit and the post is worth taking the time to read for those that care about Thunderbird and what is going on in this space.

I’m glad to see that this is finally off the ground and I’m hoping to see some decent coverage by this in the Open Source community over the next day.

As someone who has been on the Internet since I was a teen in the late 1980s, e-mail has always been the first and last kill app for me. While I’ve worked with browsers since I was at Spry in 1994, I really do live through the use of my e-mail and through e-mail lists especially. I’m really looking forward to improvements in Thunderbird and also in the potential for new directions in messaging in this current time on the Internet. It isn’t like it used to be but e-mail is still an incredibly important part of what people do. I expect that I’ll have much more to say about what MoMess is doing as time goes on and plans become more developed.