IE8 Beta 1 is Released

mixo8I had been under the impression that the techbeta for IE8 was going to be closed. Apparently, this was wrong information on my part. With the Mix08 conference occurring today, the first beta of IE8 is now available. You can find a list of features on the Microsoft site.

You can get the Vista version here and the XP version here, if you are so inclined. I plan on taking a look at it in some detail and comparing it to the feature set that I know from IE8.

With the release of this today, there are also videos discussing IE8 or demoing it from various members of the IE team. They are in Windows formats but Videolan can play them if you aren’t on a Windows machine.

Below are some screenshots from XP that I quickly took. Please click on them for the full sized image for the full browser shots. I did note that if you select the “Emulate IE7” button, you need to completely restart the browser.

IE8 First Run Prompt

IE8 First Run Screen (note "Emulate IE7 button")

Note from First Run page on IE7 Emulation

IE8 doing the Acid2 Test (run by me)

IE7 doing Acid3 Test (MSXML 3.0 prompts the first time it is used)

IE8 doing Acid3 test after accepting prompt (17?! Firefox 3 gets 66 so far...)

Update: I’ve added the CSS3 Selector Test as well: