Die, Flickr, Die.

I was prepared to write a suitably entertaining (or at least educational) entry about the lecture I attended this evening at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley. Unfortunately, in the midst of uploading photos to Flickr, the upload failed.

Ever since then, if I try to go to Flickr (or a number of Yahoo sites) from any of the machines on my home network, the connection times out.

Strangely, if I connect via a remote proxy that I have set up elsewhere (with a different IP address), Flickr immediately comes up.

So, it seems that Yahoo is blocking my IP address or something, probably an automated system marked me as someone doing a denial of service attack by uploading large photos to Flickr (go figure). I’ve written to Flickr support (though I had to use the proxy to do it as you have to get to their site to write to them on a form), so we’ll see what happens. Bastards.

Until then, I leave you with Erik Davis at Burning Man 2007 speaking on “The Imagination and the Environment.”