Tibetan Monks Disrupts Chinese PR Trip

The Chinese cover-up of what has occurred in Tibet continues but it is not always going smoothly in front of foreign press.

Chinese authorities attempted to take media around Tibet’s Lhasa to show that order was restored and all was well. In the course of doing so, the group went to Jokhang Temple and a group of Buddhist monks disrupted the media briefing. The monks accused the Chinese government of lying about them and the events. See the Reuters report for more information. Here is one more quote from it:

"About 30 young monks burst into the official briefing, shouting: 'Don't believe them. They are tricking you. They are telling lies'," USA Today Beijing-based reporter Callum MacLeod said by telephone from Lhasa. [...] "They just don't believe us. They think we will come out and cause havoc -- smash, destroy, rob, burn. We didn't do anything like that -- they're falsely accusing us," said one monk. "We want freedom. They have detained lamas and normal people."

You can see the video of the report embedded below or go to it here.


The China Rises blog covers this as well in a recent post. China Rises is written by Tim Johnson, the Beijing bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers.

Update: A reader pointed out the interview with Zhou Wenzhong, China’s ambassador to the United States, on NPR this morning. He, of course, blames the Dalai Lama for everything that has happened in Tibet. He also ignores the peaceful protests that occurred before violence broke out, focusing on criminality and violence. I find it interesting that he repeatedly ignores the questions asked of him during the interview on Tibetan concerns in favor of repeating what seems to be a official propaganda.