Ten Tons of Flax!


It is amazing the amount of drek that is on the Internet sometimes. I was thinking about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn today and my thesis. Since I put it up on Lulu as a free download, I happened to go there. I then made the mistake of doing a search there on "Golden Dawn". Whoa! 83 items!

Of course, like anything in life, out of 83 items, 90% are probably of sub-standard value. I must say that I wasn’t overblown by the things I saw there though I did see a few things from friends or acquaintances of mine who are practicing magicians. Not exactly a center of scholastic endeavor, unfortunately.

I’ve been thinking of doing a paper on Golden Dawn ritual, mapping the Neophyte ceremony using the method of Frits Staals that Richard Payne makes us of in his analysis of the Ajikan in the Journal of Chinese Religion and his dissertation on the Goma. I’m not fully convinced that it is the best method but there seem to be no excellent or even good methods of analyzing different rituals and comparing them that aren’t simply long discussions of them. At least this method presents the data in a different manner.

I’ve been wanting to try to publish an essay or two in the field where I actually did my master’s and I figure that it wouldn’t hurt on my doctoral application to have a publication credit, if something I write is accepted and doesn’t take two years to show up. I am still surprised at how little actual academic work is done on the Golden Dawn, of all things.

I’ve also been considering trying to publish the Allan Bennett rituals that JFC Fuller copies down between 1906 and 1908. I have copies of most of this material from the Ransom Center in Austin. I would have to get their permission, because it is from their archive, but, as far as I know, given the date and history, it is all public domain outside of it being in a collection. Fuller’s handwriting is pretty clear and the illustrations are very well executed, as I’ve mentioned previously. Given the amount of work involved, I’m not sure that it would be worth the work to transcribe 400+ pages of Fuller’s handwriting in order to try to publish rituals of the 1890s Golden Dawn. I mean, it might sell all of 100 copies.