Creating a Group Blog and Open Buddha

Japanese Arhat At this point, I am pretty willing to admit that Open Buddha is a failure as a web forum or community site. I’ve had it up for over five months now and it just hasn’t gelled. To really get a web forum going, you need a critical mass of interested parties and it just hasn’t really happened. Part of it is undoubtably my own fault but it really is not easy to build a community from scratch.

Loden Jingpa, a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Australia, is making a go at a similar effort with his Buddhist Forums site. Perhaps by gathering a different crowd of people using software specifically designed around forums, he can make a better effort.

I still have the OpenBuddha.* (com, org, and net) domain name though. I’m thinking of trying to do a group Buddhist blog there. Ideally, I would get a small group of Buddhist bloggers to try to blog on Buddhist matters as a group. I’m thinking that if I could get a total of four or five other people (plus myself), we could make an interesting go of it. It would be ideal to get a diverse mix, such as a Tibetan Vajrayana practitioner, a Zen practitioner, a Theravadan practitioner, a Shin Buddhist, and maybe one of the Chinese or Korean traditions of practice or something like a Shambhala or Vipassana practitioner. Everyone gets an account and agrees to generally try to work together and follow Buddhist standards of conduct. It seems like it could work.

The idea would be to cover items of Buddhist interest. This could be current events, news, book reviews, essays, discussions of practice, etc. A diverse group of people would bring, inherently, a diverse perspective, one that was not always entirely in agreement, even. This is healthy and these differences could help the group blog be interesting, along with the variety of perspectives.

If you are a Buddhist blogger and interested in something like this or have someone to suggest, please feel free to leave a comment or forward this post to other parties. I think it would be a worthwhile effort to bring a group of people together and it would fulfill some of the ideas behind the “Open Buddha” name.