Lucky JuJu Pinball


Tonight, R and I went to Lucky JuJu Pinball in Alameda. (For the non-locals, Alameda is a small city on island in the Bay next to Oakland.) Lucky JuJu Pinball is, you guessed it, a pinball place. It is only open on the weekends and is filled with a variety of pinball machines, both old school and more modern digital devices.

The place charges a ten dollar fee and you can stay and play all you want. They have a list of their machines on their website.

The Embryon and Orbitor 1 machines were my two favorite of the bunch.

This is the Embryon:


It had a lot of cool lights, shiny bits, and a third flipper up near the top for a fun play. I took somes closeups of the shiny joy as well:



The Orbitor 1 was just downright weird. It has a three dimensional surface with curves and spinning bumpers. The way the ball moves, it would seem like their were a bunch of magnets underneath but the link above claims that this is not the case, that it is done with the shape of the space and the spinning bumpers. The picture doesn’t really convey it well but I did take a few:


I put a set of photos up on Flickr this evening after we got back if you want to take a look. It was good fun and I’m glad that we finally took the time to get down there. We had encountered their traveling RV full of pinball machines at the Cruicible’s fire festival in previous years but it was only a sample of the machines that they have. According to their site, the three rooms have three dozen machines available for play.