The Jews of Lake Merritt

the table is prepared for seder
(instead of a plate)

R and I were invited to celebrate the final night of Passover with friends today at a seder. Our friend, Jonathan, has been orchestrating passover with a friend of his, Alysse, reliably for eight years now. They both mentioned today that the first time they celebrated together was in 1994…

This is the same event that we attended last year, which was the first time that I had been to a seder but Alysse’s place is now a wonderful apartment overlooking Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland. This is a much more loose and fun event than the family run passovers, which much explaining, drinking, and sharing of good times. At least half of the people in the room were not Jews and a number of the Jews were people, like R, who had a Jewish father but not a Jewish mother. They mentioned that it made them “Jew-ish” (with a little hand waggle when saying it). It was also a good chance for “Jewcruitment” as one person put it.

We arrived at about 7:00 PM and got home around 1:00 AM so it is a bit of a night. The food was excellent but my head is pounding from the combination of alcohol, food, and, later, sugar. I really enjoyed attending this and I’m glad that R and I are invited to these events. Eventually, we may even recognize a few more people but we had met a number of them before, either last year or at Thorn Coyle’s housewarming a number of months back (Thorn being present as well at these events).

I took quite a few pictures this evening as we were doing things. A few are below:

Al with a boil
me with a boil, one of the seven
plagues that were passed around as plushie toys

the enjoying of the matzoh soup

Elijah's cup is filled but he did not arrive to collect it...