Doctorow's 'Little Brother' Reading with Q&A in Berkeley

Cory Doctorow Reading at Cody's Books - 3 This evening, I went to Cody’s Books in Berkeley and attended a reading of “Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow, which was preceded and followed by a question and answer session.

This was part of Cory’s book tour to promote “Little Brother” so it combined the spoken portion with a book signing session (which I actually skipped). He opened with a brief question and answer bit while people were getting settled, read most of a chapter from the book, and then took some more questions at the end. The chapter was actually the same one that I had heard him read before and I expect that it is one of his favorites to read (though I didn’t ask).

Since I’ve read the book and heard that chapter before, I was more interested in the question and answer portion, which had some interesting bits.

Rather than summarizing it, I’ll present you with a recording of the evening. With the permission of both Cory and Cody’s Books, I recorded the entire thing. I’ve uploaded it to the Internet Archive under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. The Internet Archive page for it is available here with multiple file sizes and formats. I’ve also embedded it below for readers here on my blog or reading my feed.

(Note: Strangely, the IA player has a stutter with the 256Kbps file so if you listen there, listen directly to the .mp3 files without using their player or use a smaller file.)

Cory Doctorow Reading at Cody's Books - 5