Paper Finished and Summer Plans


I finished the first full and largely complete draft of my term paper for my esoteric Buddhism class today. It came in at 28 pages but one must remember, since we’re using footnotes for citations, that anywhere from a half to full inch at the bottom of many pages is taken up by footnotes.

The paper is off with my editor now (which means that my wife consented to look at it and catch the typos that I haven’t caught after ten minor redrafts for some reason and to see if it reads like a real paper). Once it gets past her and any mistakes she finds, I’ll send it in. With that, I’m done with this class and just in time for Summer!

This summer is shaping up to be fairly busy. I’m still quietly doing an online course with the Buddhist group that I work with for our education program. Those will continue one after the other.

R and I took a little time off today and drove down to Half Moon Bay to go horseback riding. I hadn’t been on a horse since I was a kid (which is shameful since my dad’s family owned a horse ranch of sorts in Wyoming). R had done horse camp as a kid but that was a long while ago. We did an hour and a half trail ride with a guide along the ocean, which was rather nice. I spent much of my ride trying to convince my horse, Chico, to quit eating flowers and shoots and to keep moving along. I had the “no riding experience” horse so he pretty much did what he wanted much of the time. I’m glad we went but my ass is pretty sore right now. I would like to do some more riding in the future though this wasn’t particularly cheap to do.

Beyond my continuing education work, R and I found out that Emeryville (which is a block West of us) has a Taiko dojo with regular open classes. Since we’re both interested in drumming (especially Taiko) and like joint activities, we’ll probably try out the classes there when the new series begins in two weeks. Learn to drum the Japanese way! They have their own Youtube channel as well if you want to see the local group in action.

We’re going to Seattle next week, where I’ll be seeing the Karmapa in his rockstar tour of the United States, as well as my daughter, grandparents and a few friends.

At the end of July, I’m going to Canada for a week for the Mozilla Summit with my co-workers. I’ll come back from that for four or so days and then head off to Las Vegas Black Hat and Defcon, again for work (since I’m the QA lead for security releases).

At the end of August, R and I will be going to Burning Man again. I went last in 2006 (she in 2001) and we’re looking forward to it.

Oh, and we are planning our Fall vacation trip (when we normally try to travel) to Egypt for late September or October for a couple of weeks.