Burning Man Camp Blog


R and I are camping with friends of ours at Burning Man this year. The themecamp is named, “The Republic of Loafington,” and is organized by old friends of ours. The camp is organized around a mythical initiatory order of knights, the Holy Knights of Loafington, and subjects who wish to join the kingdom. It is said:

“Weary Pilgrims may seek Safe Refuge from the Perils of the Playa within the walls of Castle Loafington.

Foolish Pilgrims may become Loyal Subjects through Initiation into the Order of the Space Monkey.

Brave Serfs may aspire to the rank of Nobility through Initiation into the Squireship of Shirtcocking.

Purified Squires may accept the challenge of Ordination into the Holy Knights of Loafington.”

As it turns out, Slugbait, the main organizer, is who we camped with at our first Burning Man in 2001. That was the infamous village, “Someplace,” with the Chupacabra Policia. A tale of Burning Man woe rests in that camp between camp mates high on ketamine (or was it PCP? we never knew for sure…), an assault on a friend of mine, Alex Lebedev, by an individual (for no reason), the sending of a desiccated pig’s head to the Death Guild, and a “Duel by Stereos at Dawn” with Japanese Ravers involving Black Sabbath turned to “11,” while the rest of us tried to sleep. Wait a second… all of those incidents involve the same psycho asshole, Caleb S. Wanker. I guess one man really can bring a camp down. Anyway… this person isn’t in our current camp (never again!).


The Republic has set up a blog so we can keep up to date on events. We’re looking forward to this year and hanging out with our Seattle friends.