Hey Buddy, can you spare $2,500?


While out this morning to the library, I randomly just stopped by an antique store near my house. I’d vaguely seen it occasionally but I just decided, while driving past it, that I needed to go there. This was to the extent that I actually had to circle around the neighborhood in order to come by it again to park. Other than looking like a typical antique store, there was nothing remarkable about it.

I went it and saw a large space (about 150 feet or so long and 50 feet wide) packed wall to wall with stuff. This is one of those places where they arrange little aisles where you have to turn sidewise to get past all of the old dressers, lamps, display cabinets, etc.

While wandering through, I found an ivory Fudo Myoo statues about a foot tall. The sword was broken off (he was just holding the hilt) but the rest of it was beautiful and he even had his two attendants. The whole thing was probably put together out of three pieces of ivory. I got them to pull it out and I examined it. It was simply beautiful. It was also marked as being $2,500! Yowza.

Needless to say, I did not buy it (or the ivory Kuan-yin that was roughly the same size and $1,200) but this was the first time I’d ever walked into an antique store (or any other non-Japanese store) and seen a Fudo just sitting there. One of the shopkeepers, a senior lady, asked me if I knew anything about it. She seemed to know that it was Fudo Myoo but didn’t know anything else about him. I did notice quite a bit of Tibetan, Chinese, and some Japanese Buddhist items here and there so obviously they had picked things up for the store from local Buddhists over time. There was a large Buddha off of one aisle, sitting on an antique table, that had recent offerings sitting in his hands as well.

I’m not sure what to make of this incident but it seems really weird to me that I’d super randomly, on the spur of the moment, wind up in a shop that I’ve barely glanced at before only to find a huge (and expensive) Fudo statue.