Firefox 2K and Shipping

Today is Firefox 3 day!

Here is one thing that Firefox does that IE7 and IE8 still cannot do at all:

Firefox 3 on W2K

Firefox 3 came out today, as people have been saying in their blogs. Firefox is still the cross-platform solution for those of us who work on the web, running on OS X, Linux, and Windows, going back to Windows 2000 for the latter. For the next generation web browsers, only Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 run on Windows 2000. This is too bad as you still see Win 2K in a large number of professional institutions, like banks and factory floors, where it is seen as a tried and true operating system.

I’m really glad that Firefox 3 is out the door. It has been a good run but I think we have all been ready to ship this.