Today, R and I went out to San Francisco for the Long Now Foundation’s Mechanicrawl event. I’m a charter member of the Long Now Foundation so I was given free tickets to the event.

Basically, the event was an opportunity to explore a bunch of mechanical items (mostly ships) near Pier 45, visit the Long Now Museum, and head over to the Exploratorium. Since we had been to the Exploratorium in the last year and the walk was already relatively lengthy, we skipped that portion of it.

The Orrery at the Long Now Foundation

We did visit the Musee Mecanique, the ships at the Hyde Street Pier, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, a functioning Liberty ship used in World War II for D-Day, and the USS Pampanito, a World War II submarine.

DSCF3983.JPG A Closed Aft Torpedo Tube

Out of these, I probably enjoyed the visit of the USS Pampanito the most, even though it was somewhat claustrophobic. We got to wander through the length of the ship and look around quite a bit.

R and I enjoyed the day out but were pretty wasted by the end of it, between the sun, the climbing on ships, and the wandering over a couple of miles of San Francisco. I have a photo set of pictures up on Flickr for those that are curious to see them.