Going to Canada Next Week

Mozilla Summit 2008

I am currently preparing, in the most loose of senses, for going to Canada on Monday. Mozilla does a summit every couple of years, which brings in members of the overall Mozilla Community together. The event for 2008, now that Firefox 3 is out the door, is taking place next week at Whistler in British Columbia. Whistler is well known, especially in my hometown of Seattle, as a ski resort (which you don’t normally visit in July and August). (As an aside, it turns out that Americans need their passports to go to Canada now, which is awfully strange having grown up crossing the border all the time without them…)

All of us working for the Mozilla Corporation and the recent Mozilla Messaging company will be attending this event. We’re leaving to the event on Monday morning and coming back on Friday. You can see a proposed list of sessions online. I haven’t figured out which sessions I am going to yet but I expect to try to make the ones on the foundation, open source philosophy, and perhaps the ones on the Mozilla Labs projects, like Weave and Ubiquity.

While I’m at the summit, I’ll probably be less available online than my normal ubiquitousness but I expect that I’ll be blogging. After I come back, I’ll only be in town for the weekend and Monday before I fly out of town for Las Vegas. I’ll be attending the Black Hat and DEFCON security conferences there through the weekend. I’m hoping to see a few friendly faces at each of these.