California Wedding


R and I went to an early wedding this morning. Our friends, Kirstyn and Lisa, wanted to get married in a brief ceremony. They plan to do a larger one next year but there is a window of opportunity for them. This is because they are both women and there is a significant chance that their wedding will be undone by a ballot this Fall. They will then be “unmarried” by the same state that allowed them to get married.

I’ve put a photo set up on Flickr from this morning as well. The wedding was done on top of “Indian Rock,” a Berkeley park composed of, you guessed it, large rock outcroppings. It had a wonderful view and was very scenic for the occasion.

I’m very happy for the two of them. They are wonderful people and Kistyn is one of R’s oldest friends. They went to elementary school together. Personally, I don’t see why certain groups of people get so rabidly worked up about allowing men to marry other men or women to marry other women. In the end, it isn’t about these upset people. It is, rather, about these couples that love each other and who want to be married. In fact, they love each other enough to fight for the very rights that people like R and I can simply take for granted if we don’t think about it. I know how I’m voting this Fall and it is a vote for all of my friends, as well as the people I don’t know, who simply want their love to be recognized and to have the same legal benefits that the rest of us have.

I’m not going to end on any little quips here. I’m glad our friends got married. I hope that the people of California see fit to not take this away from them. Even if they do that, as far as I am concerned, they are married and I am pleased to call them such.