Mozilla Summit Attendees Reduced to Cannibalism


Here at the Mozilla Summit this week, we may soon we reduced to cannibalism. (Perhaps this is an existing Canadian tradition, I’m not sure…) Apparently, last night a rock slide dropped on the road between Whistler and Vancouver, B.C. This is the road used by everyone coming into and out of the town for visits and it hugs a cliff face next to a river for most of its length.

Since some of the rocks are the size of trucks and, I hear, the pile is 10 meters high in places, they aren’t sure when the road will be cleared. It is said that dynamite will be involved. Almost all of us are scheduled to fly out of Vancouver on Friday, which may make it interesting since the low-end estimate is two days for road clearance. There is another route around in the other direction but it turns the two and a half hour trip into eight hour one. Additionally, it turns out that the busses to take us back are all sitting in Vancouver right now so they’d need to get here and then go back.


Luckily, Whistler seems well stocked with food, beer, and bears, so we should avoid lifeboat team building events.

Update: The B.C. government has announced that the road will be closed for five days or so. Apparently, we will all be making the long trek around in order to get to Vancouver. This means that for my 3:45 PM flight, I’m probably leaving Whistler around 4:00 AM (assuming four hours earlier than my previous time). Wheee!!

Update 2: I wasn’t far wrong. I’m taking a 3:00 AM bus for eight hours to get to Vancouver from here the long way around. (I then get to wait almost five hours at the airport for my flight…) Others are leaving at 6:00 PM tomorrow, Midnight, and then 2:00 AM and the late morning… A bug has been opened as well, in true open source fashion. More commentary is available through blogs on

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