Beijing Olympics

Picture courtesy of Violet Blue

I must admit that I’ve been ignoring the Beijing Olympics completely. Not only am I not inspired much by the gross commercialism which is the modern Olympics but I find the whole idea of China hosting a supposedly universal event to be laughable. The rioting in Tibet earlier this year was just icing on the cake of my disdain.

I fully expect some kind of nasty international incident to happen at the Olympics this year. I can only wait with a doomed sense of awe to see what might happen with this many foreigners and international media all crowded together into China. Just add a match and see what happens. I’ve been, loosely, predicting an uprising amongst the Muslim turkic peoples of Western China since the Tibetans have been pretty effectively crushed over the last few months.

As much as I admire aspects of Chinese culture, especially its Buddhist history, I must admit to a pretty complete disdain for the modern government.