Disqus Added to Blog

People may have noticed that I’ve switched to Disqus for comments on the blog. Disqus is a third party commenting service. It provides a number of nice features for comments, such a common identity between blogs, approval of comment moderation via e-mail, threaded comments (for discussion), and others. With the advent of their new 2.0 (2.1 today) version, it runs as a Wordpress plugin and synch the comments from their system back into my database. Other than being a security attack surface, this allows me to discontinue Disqus in the future and still have all of the comments people have entered. The lack of this had stopped me from using the service befoe this time.

If you comment on the site and would like a profile picture to go with your comment or to take advantage of other features, consider going to the Disqus site and registering a profile. It is free.