London Calling


My wife, R, and I are going to Egypt for most of two weeks in October. (This is bad timing with my class but…)

Rather than coming directly back to the United States, we’ve decided to stay in London for three days. Our European flights generally transfer through there anyway so we just made the transfer layover a few days instead of a few hours. We’ve been to London once before, when we went to Greece in 2003. We have an eight or so hour layover (I could dig into the blog here to find details but I’m lazy). We wound up taking the tube, jet-lagged to all hell, into London in order to go to the British Museum for a few hours. This was nice because, other than seeing the British Museum at all, it allowed us to look at the Greek artifacts that the British “borrowed” from Greece after purchasing them from the Turks. It complemented the rest of our Greece trip a bit.

Since we’re going back to London, I expect that we’ll be going to the Museum again for a more leisurely trip through it. Other than that, we’ve made no specific plans on where to go or what to do as poor, ignorant Americans. If anyone has any suggestions on interesting sites to see or a good place to stay with access in London, I’d love to hear of it.

As most people reading my blog would know, my interests tend to the scholastic. I like history, architecture, religion, museums, etc. I’m not so much for the fine arts though R appreciates them a bit more than I do. I’m thinking that seeing the London Mithraeum site might be in order, especially since it is near the other old sites. (We went into the basement of a church in Rome and saw another Mithraeum there.)