Defcon 16 CD and Event Updates


For anyone that wants to find the Defcon 16 CD of presentations, it is on popular bittorrent sites but can also be downloaded here as well.

Most of the talks are pretty close to what was presented. A number of presenters did update talks at the last minute (and said so) but I haven’t seen a central clearing house for finding the updated talks.

Google Video has various short videos on Defcon 16 available and I would expect more to show up over time since presentations from Defcon 15 can be found there as well.

I also noticed that TechWebTV has short interviews and bits from Black Hat 2008 online. An interview with the fellows from “Satan is on my Friends List” is one example.

</embed> On a related note, the 25th Chaos Communications Congress has put up its Call for Participation for the event this December finally. The named theme this year is "Nothing to Hide." This event takes place from December 27 through the 30 in Berlin and I expect that I will be going to it still.