Licensed to Ill?

You know, with my shiny Master’s degree, I’m supposedly able to teach accredited classes in some jurisdictions (if not all). As I recall, I can teach college undergrads, at least for topics where I have enough credits (which is odd when you have a Humanities interdisciplinary MA).

I should actually figure out what the rules and regulations are around this area though. Since I am in the People’s Democratic Republic of California, there is probably enough red tape to key all of the angels in Heaven (or is it all of the Bodhisattvas in all of the Pure Lands?) busy for a kalpa or two.

If any of my loving readers have any particular insight into this, I would love to know the details. I do know that in order to teach High School and the like, I would have to get a specific teaching certificate but I’m not sure of the college rules.

Now, all that being said, I’m not likely to be teaching college courses at any point in the near future but one never does know…