More Details on Anathem's Music

David Stutz has a post on his music blog on the composition of the music for Neal Stephenson’s Anathem that he did.

The music is not simply some nice names appropriate for the novel attached to some music but an attempt to apply mathematical principles to the creation of music in true super geek fashion. In the post, he discusses the difficulties in turning the Pythagorean Theorem into music and the solution that he found that maps it (and other Euclidean constructs) into circles and points from their intersections.


He also gives a sample from a 14 minute piece of the Pythagorean Theorem, which was new to me since it wasn’t on the early version of the music that came with my advance readers copy of Anathem. Go to his post in order to here it.

I am looking forward to hearing more of this music performed next week and getting a chance to pick up a copy of the CD.