Video of Last HOPE Talks Available

The Last HOPE was a hacker convention that took place in New York City in July, 2008. It is one of a series, over the years, sponsored by 2600 magazine. I did not attend because we had just had the Mozilla Summit and I was already scheduled to go to the Black Hat and DEFCON conventions in August. Several of my friends and acquaintances did go though and at least one of them presented there.

The audio of the talks is available on the talks page on the Last HOPE site. You can see descriptions of the talks and listen to lower or higher fidelity versions of the talks. Since many of them have slides or other demonstrations, this is not always the greatest of options. I found out yesterday that torrents have been made available of videos of most of the talks. You can find these here for download. There are no descriptions so you will need to go to the talks page on the main site above if you want information on these talks.

I appreciate that HOPE has made all of these available. The talks from the last few Chaos Communication Congresses are also available for free online as well. This means that those people who don’t have the resources to fly all over to attend these hacker conferences can get some of the value that they offer, which is a nice way of giving back to the community.