20 Years Ago...

I’ve been getting my application materials together for applying to my doctoral program at GTU. I sent the forms out to the people writing my recommendation letters (my thesis advisor, a pagan scholar who went to GTU, and my potential dissertation advisor at GTU) and notified them that they were on their way. I contacted all of my old schools and had them send transcripts to GTU. This is all typical stuff. The biggest thing left is to take the GRE again since it has been 15 years since I took it originally.

When I was doing my transcripts, I needed things like my student identification numbers (which usually turned out to be my social security number, something not done anymore…) so I went through my old transcripts. I realized that I entered college for the first time 20 years ago this month. In September, 1988, I started at North Seattle Community College, which is where I received my Associate of Arts before transferring to the University of Washington. I did this, as I’ve mentioned before, instead of my senior year of high school.

In retrospect, it seems to have been a good decision even though my GPA was horrible. I had a 2.7 for community college, a 3.7 at the university for my Bachelor’s, and a 4.0 for my Master’s program. I think that I was simply too young and clueless to know how to knuckle down initially and I’m pretty glad that I did not go on to graduate school after my BA. Part of me has wished that I had done so instead of going into tech work but I have a feeling that I might have simply bombed out of school if I had.

In any case, it is hard to wrap my head around the fact that I started college 20 years ago (and here I am, looking at going back for five to seven years in a year!).