R and I made it through our roughly 18 hours in transit and are residing in Cairo right now.

We were met by a man from the company we hired at midnight and the airport and he guided us through customs and got us to our hotel. The hotel was changed at the last minute and not for the better. It is clean and we’re on in it for a couple of days before we leave so it doesn’t matter much.

We actually managed to sleep during the night, being exhausted from our flights. (As an aside, I finally got to watch the new Indiana Jones movie on the flight and I actually liked it…)

We took it easy today and stayed near the hotel. We did arrange for an afternoon felucca ride on the Nile here in Cairo, right near downtown. I took a few pictures and was able to upload them from this cafe (a block from our hotel).

Nile with Cairo Tower in Background

Tomorrow, I arranged for us to take a day trip to Alexandria because we had the day free. We’re getting picked up in the early morning and driving the couple of hours to it. The following morning, we see the sites around Cairo, such as the Pyramids, before leaving for Aswan and our boat trip down the Nile.