Photos of Egypt

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple at Night

We’re back from Egypt (and back at work, in fact). Our cats are pleased and I’ve uploaded my photos to Flickr over the last day. I have a number of friends who had asked about seeing pictures once we returned.

You can see the full collection of them there. There are more than a few hundred photos so I’ve broken them up, to a fair degree, by location but I haven’t labeled any of them yet to say what they show in detail. I may do this eventually if I have time but it won’t be soon.

At this point, my body is trying to figure out what side of the planet I am in (I seem to randomly wake up at 2:00 AM). As an aside, I did received my official GRE scores and was given a “5.5” grade on my Analytical essay portion (out of 1 to 6 in half point increments), which is the 90th percentile. I expect that a Verbal and Analytical score at the 90th percentile will suffice to keep the admissions group happy. Now I just need to get two of the people writing my letters of recommendation to send them into the school and my application will be done. Since I have another month and a half, I’m sure it will work out. Then I get to wait and see if I’m accepted into the doctoral program or not for next Fall.