Lack of Posting

I wanted to apologize to people for not posting much since I got back. I had a number of things that I wanted to write, moving to a more active phase of blogging again for a while (it tends to come and go).

Unfortunately, I’ve been rather under the weather this week through jetlag and, potentially, illness. I actually went to a doctor today and am having blood work done because of the fatigue and other ill symptoms that I’ve been feeling since I returned. My vague fear is that the illness that I picked up in Egypt and treated there with antibiotics didn’t entirely go away. In all likelihood, I’m just exhausted due to lack of proper sleep, previously being ill, and travel. I’ve felt like hell pretty much every day and this is the latest that I’ve been awake without literally falling into sleep.

In any case, I am hoping to feel better within the next week and so also be caught up on some of the classwork that I’m involved with for a small Buddhist seminary program. (At some point, that program is likely to become fairly public and I’ll write more about it at that time.)

This weekend, R and I are considering going to a new exhibit of art and artifacts from Afghanistan at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

We’ll also be attending a dinner for the dead being held over there by pagans that we know. As some members of the local community know, we recently lost a member, Tara Webster, who had been ill for quite a while. Her husband, Sam, is the one who performed my wedding back in 2004. We still follow the custom in our hour of putting up an altar for the dead at this time of year and events like this dinner are another way to acknowledge the continuing presence in our lives of those who have passed on.