Continuing to be sick

Whiny sick post.

I have no idea what I have at this point though I am convinced that I am sick with something. The doctor is having tests done on blood and other precious bodily fluids and we should have results in time for my Monday morning appointment. I expect that I have some sort of bacteria, protozoa, or the like in my stomach or intestines. The joys of Egypt!

I’m pretty much exhausted all of the time and feel pretty woozy. I crash and fall asleep by 10:00 PM or so and even when I sleep nine hours, I feel badly in the morning. Yesterday and the day before, I actually felt pretty ok in the afternoon for a few hours but that hasn’t happened today. The doctor is unwilling to prescribe antibiotics or the like until the tests come back in order to see what we might be fighting. He thought I might just be exhausted when he saw me but it has been another two days and I’m not getting any better even though I’m getting sleep.

I’m someone who never gets sick. The last major illness that I had was the viral flu most of two years ago that left me with the little ringing in my ears. I certainly never gets sick for a week and I’m not sure this is going to get better on its own because it certainly isn’t doing so at this point. I’m hoping that the tests actually turn up something as I have no clue as to what my doctor would do if all of the tests come back negative.

Other than the fatigue and the fact that my tailbone seems to ache a lot, I’m not really having much in the way of symptoms of anything. The fatigue and associated wooziness (and headache) are more than enough to keep me from doing much though. It’s hard to get up the initiative to even read much or play a videogame, let alone something more active.

At this point, I haven’t left the house in days except to see the doctor and I can’t really see myself going to the Dinner for the Dead tonight feeling like I do. It would just be miserable.