Buddhists for Obama

buddhists for obama
courtesy of the worst horse

I doubt that there are too many mysteries on how I’ll be voting in the presidential elections in the near term. I think that this country has been on a wrong path for a long, long time (far longer than eight years). I’m not a member of either of the major parties (or any others that will have me) for a good reason. That being true, I think that it is clear that given a choice between either of the candidates from the two parties that we get to choose from, Obama is the clear winner for those of us committed to any progressive causes. Voting Republican is definitely just more of the same and seems likely to continue both our unending wars in the Middle East but the death spiral our economy is currently undergoing.

I want to encourage everyone to vote, regardless of party or inclination (all of you non-U.S. citizens can ignore this) but really think about where we’ve been going in the last eight years, especially since 9/11, and where you think we should be going during the next eight or more in this country.