The Passing of Ed

Ed McMichael I just found out that a Seattle iconic figure, Ed McMichael aka “the Tuba Man,” has just died. Ed played his tuba for decades outside of sports games in the Seattle area. He was a childhood friend of my uncle Karl’s and they went to school together at King’s Garden in Seattle. When I was growing up, Ed was one of those regular figures that would show up, usually at my grandparents’ church in Wallingford, often joking around with my uncle.

I haven’t seen Ed in probably a decade but I still remember his distinctive voice and his kind heart. He was a good man and definitely a local eccentric. I’m sorry to hear that he died before his time because a bunch of thugs jumped and beat him. He was jumped on October 25 and beaten badly. He was recovering from his injuries, it was thought, when he died in his home this last Sunday night.

For Seattle people, the PI has an article about his death. There is also a blog post on the Seattle Metblogs.